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I don’t usually promote businesses, I quit buying T-shirts with company logo, and I am not being paid to write this blog.  But, I just wanted to share, what we have found to be a great way to travel, Airbnb.   We have been using Airbnb for several years, and have not been disappointed yet.

Our recent trip to Canada was no exception.  The first apartment in Niagara Falls was only ten minutes away from the falls.  Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, you would never guess there were thousands of people just minutes from here.

Trying to find a hotel in Toronto under $250 was almost impossible.  Thanks to this gem, we could afford to stay in the city for four nights.

And, finally, at the Bay of Quinte we had so much space we almost got lost!

I’m not a camper, so this has been a great way for us to travel.  All of these apartments were right at, or just under $100 per night.  Just saying. . .


What’s your favorite way to travel?

14 thoughts on “Travel Options

  1. Hi, Karen – I agree that Airbnb can be a great option. I am glad that your recent experience in Canada turned out well. My husband and I have also used Home Exchange for over ten years and have had very positive experiences. It is wonderful that there are so many great accommodation options out there.
    BTW – I am surprised that you are not a camper!


    1. Ha, if you knew me better you would not be surprised. I camped in my youth, but the older I get, the more I need a good solid bed. Yes, I remember you writing about Home Exchange, that’s something I may look into for the future. Thanks!


  2. My husband and I use Airbnb too, including on our trip to Canada a couple of years ago. We’ve only had one not-so-great experience which wasn’t terrible, just uncomfortable. We’ve just started housesitting and would love to do more. There are so many options nowadays, which is wonderful.


  3. We have used Airbnb a number of times over the years as well as VRBO & Home Away. Rarely have we had a bad experience. My recommendation to anyone using these services is to always read the reviews & keep a bit of an open mind.


  4. We too are big users of Airbnb and have relied on it for travel far and wide for years now. Some have been better than others but none have been a disaster.

    We have however encountered one downside. If flying, and your luggage doesn’t arrive with you, the airline will not deliver it to an address that isn’t a hotel with night staff after 11pm. This has happened to us twice and it’s just annoying to have to sit around the next day – in rumpled travel clothes – waiting for your luggage to be delivered. Since that’s my worst criticism, it’s all good 🙂


  5. Thanks for posting this, Karen! I have never used AirBnB but after reading this (and the commenters’ thoughts), I think I will give it a try. I also am intrigued by the housesitting option.



    1. There is also VRBO – Vacation Rentals by Owner, and Home Exchange. This is the one we found works best for us. It’s a real money saver that offers way more than a hotel. Two of the places we stayed this time came stocked with breakfast items – eggs, bread, muffins, etc.

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