Easing Back In

I know the peak is over and it won’t be long until the trees stand naked for the coldest weather (why is that?  wouldn’t they want to keep their leaves for warmth?). Anyway, I wanted to see if I was ready to hike again.  So I gathered some of my loyal warriors and headed out for a short, easy hike.

When we arrived at Gatewood Park, we were met with this:


Since we didn’t see a “no parking” sign and they did not mention specifically no hiking, we decided to soldier on.

It was almost Karma when I spotted this sign:


We took the eazy trail just for good measure.

This trail definitely lived up to its name “Beaver Creek” as we saw evidence of beavers everywhere.


Is this how they do it?


We were a little bummed to find that previous explorers had left behind some of their trash.  Seriously? How hard is it to pick up after yourself?


Fortunately, one of the objects of litter was a plastic bag.  Sharon would not rest until she collected all the trash.  Of course there were no trash cans, so she had to carry it back to the car.


Even though the hike was short, we all enjoyed being out in the woods together on this beautiful fall day.

The lake was pretty in spite of the sun taking the day off.


And I always enjoy my time in the woods with my buddies.


Oh, and when I got home, I realized I had reached my goal of 200 miles of hiking this year. Well, 201.6 to be exact, but who’s counting (ME, that’s who).  I’m not sure I’m ready for anything major just yet, so I’ll just ease back into it, one hike at a time.


And enjoy time with my sign ignoring warriors!


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21 thoughts on “Easing Back In

  1. At first glance I read the two signs at Beaver Creek as ‘Crazy’ and ‘Hard’ and was of the opinion I’d be heading back to the car! We don’t have beavers here and it is fascinating to see those trees still standing despite their best efforts. Were they perhaps just on a lunch break when you came through?


  2. Congratulations on your 200 plus miles milestone. Way to go! Thank you, Sharon, if you’re reading, for picking up that trash. As for the beaver damage to the trees, I’ve never actually seen that, so I’m really fascinated by your pics. I’m glad you’re still getting out there.


    1. Thanks Alys, there were times this year I wasn’t sure I’d make my goal. We so seldom find trash on our hikes, we find that on the whole people are respectful of the trails. But, when we do encounter trash, we try to pick it up if we can. It was good to be in the woods, even if it wasn’t very challenging.

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  3. Congratulations on 200 miles this year! It’s a great goal and achieved with time to spare before the end of year. Hope you are continuing to feel better – and a day out on the trail is always good for the soul. It looks like it was a beautiful one in spite of the heavy skies.

    … and kudos to Sharon for her litter-picking-up ways! Helen and I have been known to cart out litter in our backpacks. Fortunately it doesn’t happen often because it makes us both a bit crazy!


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