Before they fall . . .

This morning I went out in search of some fall colors. With the winds we’ve had lately, it won’t be long before the leaves have all fallen off the trees. I grabbed my cell phone and captured a few images.


I also discovered some of the prettiest colors right in my front yard.


Alas, I find myself sidelined once again.  Aging can definitely be a challenge.  I have a tendency to overdo when I’m healthy, and now my hip is suffering the consequences.

While my hiking may be on hold, it has not hindered my love of fall.  Here’s hoping that if you are in the same season, you are being treated to some of nature’s natural beauty.

And if you live in the U.S. please make sure you VOTE on Tuesday!



10 thoughts on “Before they fall . . .

  1. It’s aggravating when our bodies can’t keep up with us 😕 Mentally I’m capable of doing so much more than my body will now let me.

    While you have been sidelined by your hip, as Deb mentioned, we’ve been sidelined by our weather. I heard a long range forecast for November and it’s supposed to be a wet one 😕

    Hope that hip of your’s recovers quickly!! … and we get some glimpses of nice fall weather!


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