The Wedding – Part III

Final Installment – The Reception

Weddings have been around for centuries, so I doubt there is anything groundbreaking at today’s weddings.  But this reception had a couple of surprises that were new to me.

First of all, my husband played his guitar and sang the song Sweet Pea as the bride and groom had their first dance together.  He even wrote an extra verse about hiking to make it personal.

GanzViele 081

The Father/Daughter dance was to a German children’s song, Ohne Dich, that he and Lori used to listen to when she was little, first on tape and later on CD.  In fact we are still big fans of Rolf Zuckowski.  I can’t count how many times she fell asleep to his music.

GanzViele 086

There is a trend moving away from traditional wedding cakes.  Let’s face, they weren’t that great.  This wedding offered a variety of cheesecakes from Cheesecakes by Alex which were mouth watering yummy.  On my brother’s recommendation I went for the Bananas Foster and the Peanut Butter – both excellent choices.


When it came time to throw the bridal bouquet and garter – these two had decided to pass on these symbolic items to Doug’s cousin (who will be getting married next summer).

This was a pleasant surprise.  Taking off and putting on the garter turned out to be quite a crowd pleaser, as both gentlemen executed an endearing performance.

So many family members and friends came from all over to join in this celebration and we are grateful to them all.


We have one child, our daughter, and this wedding was a perfect send off to her new life.  Another milestone has passed and we could not be happier!  Thanks for reading about our special day.



The Wedding Part II

I’ve been hiking for over 4 years now and power walking since I was 40.  Saturday, I took the most fulfilling walk of my life, when I got to walk my daughter down the aisle along with my husband.


Weddings don’t really have ushers anymore and she did not want me to have to walk in by myself and wait for her to come out – so she gave me this amazing gift.

The day went so smoothly I almost had to pinch myself.  The bride was so relaxed, and that spilled over to everyone around her.  Two minutes before they got in their dresses, we were chilling in the room.


I have to thank some special people for helping to make this day so perfect.  First Jack & Jaime – the cutest couple ever.  He officiated – his words went from educational – to personal – to quite funny.  She was our coordinator and thank goodness someone was there to keep track of details.


Most importantly was my dear friend, Laurie Buchwald who served as photographer and best friend of the family.  She is truly amazing.

GanzViele 068

She had back-up help from her friend Tim, but he escaped being caught on camera.
We are so happy to welcome Doug into our family – these two are crazy in love and such a perfect match.  They will have a fun life together.