Walking the Knob

If you have ever driven South on Highway 52 in North Carolina, you have probably noticed a funny looking knob on top of a mountain just outside Winston-Salem.  Pilot Mountain, according to Wikipedia, is “a remnant of the ancient chain of Sauratown Mountains. The Saura Indians, the region’s earliest known inhabitants, called the mountain “Jomeokee,” meaning “great guide.”


Today on our way home from visiting our daughter in Greensboro (and checking out her new house); we decided to hike around the knob.  We had attempted this previously. However, we had to abort that trip due to heavy winds and some light rain.

Today the weather was much more amenable.



How beautiful is this formation?

The Sauratown Mountain range continues off in the distance.



For any of you Andy Griffith fans out there, Mt. Pilot (from the Andy Griffith show) was named for Pilot Mountain which is located just down the road from Mt. Airy (a.k.a. Mayberry).

Next time you’re in North Carolina – check it out!