Oh, Canada

Realizing I could easily write an essay on our recent trip to Canada, I decided you might be more apt to read it, if it was described in pictures.

Let me start by saying that one of the highlights for me was meeting fellow bloggers.  First was lunch with Deb from The Widow Badass.


She was just as delightful in person as she is on her blog.

I also got to meet Joanne from My Life Lived Full, who was my inspiration for this trip as she is always writing about her city, Toronto.


It was fun to meet these women face to face and solidify what, up til then, had been just an on-line friendship.

Just a few tips about Canada

If you are planning a trip to Niagara Falls:

  • Go directly to the Canadian side, it’s easier access and a much better view
  • Try to avoid arriving mid-day – on a weekend – in the summer (like we did)
  • Be prepared for crowds


  • Take the boat ride which ever side you are on


  • And, finally, go with the one you love if possible.



The largest city in Canada has one of the most efficient public transit systems.  If you go, take the subway, the bus, and the cable car!


Look for the black squirrels.


Enjoy the sites.



Visit neighborhoods.


What ever you do, you will enjoy this city.  It has something for everyone.

In closing, I just have to say that I was struck by how positive everyone was – from messages on T-shirts, to billboards, to the people we met.  The Prime Minister addressed the nation while we were there.  He stated the importance of listening to each other.  With such a diverse population, it was wonderful to see everyone getting along.  Because after all, don’t we all just want the same things in life – peace, happiness, and opportunity?

Oh, Canada, you won my heart!


19 thoughts on “Oh, Canada

  1. I’m going to echo everything Deb said! 🙂
    It was fun to watch your visit unfold in photos on FB. I love seeing my city and my country through other people’s eyes. I’m always more than a little relieved when they have a good time 🙂
    As I said before, please come back. You’re always welcome.

    … and you’re right. We all want the same things!


  2. Karen I’ve been to Canada twice and each time I found everyone so helpful and friendly. So glad you had a great time! Loved all your pictures!


  3. What a great post Karen 🙂 Isn’t it great to meet online blogging friends ? In October of 2017 I had the opportunity to me some of the Monochromia – http://www.monochromia.blog contributors and blogging friends in NYC and it was a blast of a weekend. All of the bloggers were exactly as I imagined them online. Hi Joanne and Deb.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, Karen – I am so glad that you enjoyed your trip to Canada….and were able to meet up with Joanne and Deb. Next time you’ll need to come to Vancouver Island, BC. We have some fabulous hiking trails here that I would love to introduce you to!


  5. Isn’t getting to actually meet the folks on your blog posts just the best thing! Blogging is way more than we think when we first start out 🙂 Canada has a lovely prime minister – but then so do we 😀


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