Completing the Triple Crown

No, this isn’t about horse racing.  If you have hiked the Appalachian Trail, or live in Southwest Virginia, you know that the Triple Crown refers to  3 popular hikes on the AT.  McAfee’s Knob – by far the most popular and most photographed spot on the AT – it even appeared in the movie “A Walk in the Woods.”  The second one is Dragon’s Tooth, the tough hike that I finally completed earlier in the Spring.  Finally, the lesser talked about, but gaining in popularity is Tinker Cliffs.

I’m proud to say, that as of yesterday, JG and I have completed all three!


It was a beautiful day for hiking, and we got an early start with some good friends.


But thanks to all the rain Mother Nature has dumped on us lately, it was probably one of the muddiest hikes I’ve ever been on.


We took the Andy Layne Trail which takes you through private land, with cows and bridges and snakes!


This little guy was sunbathing at the end of the first bridge, while I called for backup.  He eventually slithered away from the steps so we could move on.

The cliffs are spread out over about a half a mile, so there’s room for everyone to find their special nook to enjoy the incredible view.


That’s me, living the good life.




The rock formations were also photo worthy. . .


As was the mountain laurel,


and other interesting things along the way, like this tree – what??


After returning home, our friends fixed dinner for us!  How wonderful, especially since they were just as tired as we were.  Thanks Fred and Cindy – look forward to hiking with you again.


After 8 miles, I thought I would feel worse than I do today.  Physical Therapy is where it’s at my friends.  Have a lovely weekend!


20 thoughts on “Completing the Triple Crown

  1. Good work!! Now you’ve given me something new to target 😉
    I’m partial to rock formations, so the photo of the rock walls definitely caught my eye!
    … the snake? I could do without 😳


  2. Wow, lovely! Does my soul good to see your pictures Karen – am still sick, now with a head/chest cold thing going on. My immune system has gone AWOL for this week, and the weather is amazing here. Not fair!



  3. Beautiful images Karen 🙂 That’s one hell of a tree. It looks like it’s suspended or caught up in the other trees branches. Either that or I smoked one to many funny cigarettes today 🤪


  4. What a terrific hike, Karen. The views are magnificent. I can’t get over all the beautiful trails at your disposal. I love the suspended tree. You don’t see that every day.

    Are the snakes poisonous are just worrying if you don’t know what you’re looking at?


      1. Laurie had a story to tell once of a snake in her house. The worst we get here are lizards. They startle me, but I can pick them up and put them outside again. It’s usually one of the cats that brings them in. Ugh!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I just picked up last fall’s SWVA hiking issue and I was so thrilled to read your piece. I used to be quite active until the last 9 years. Two knee replacements from tennis didn’t help plus a diagnosis of Lupus. If there is room in your hiking group for me, I would love to be a part of the challenge, commraderie and fun.


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