Hike’s a Journey

Some hikes you know you are just going for the view.  Today’s hike was more about the journey.  And what a journey!  My warriors were put to the test on what we all agreed was our most difficult hike so far – but also the most interesting, challenging, and wonderful hike.


This is the before picture, when we were all fresh.

What made it challenging was: the length – 7 miles; the creek crossings – 3; the rocky terrain; and the elevation gain – 1500 + feet.

Just a little sample of the creek crossings.


Of course there was a view. . .


and a beautiful creek. . .


and the hint of fall colors.


I wrote about this hike, Mill Creek, a few weeks ago, this is one that JG and I got caught in the rain.  Every time I do this (today was number 3) it seems to get a little easier and it always looks just a little different.  I will be taking my weekenders here later in the month, it could be even more of a challenge as the leaves were falling at an alarming rate today.

Great way to spend Columbus Day.  A shout out to my Canadian friends – Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone had a wonderful day!  I know we did.


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