Learning to Share

Such a great plan.  We leave early in the morning, 8:30 a.m. (hey that’s early if you’re retired).  It’s a weekday, school is in session, people are at work.  Perfect time to hike the most popular spot in the area, right?  Then why was the parking lot already full when we arrived at 9:30?  Time to learn to share. (sigh)


My enthusiastic companions today! 

Did I really just complain about having to share a trail?  I apologize!  I’m thrilled so many folks love hiking as much as I do.  And it really wasn’t that bad, except when an older couple passed us and the woman told us that we were the first group they had passed all day, having previously been the ones to get passed.  Folks, that is NOT a compliment!

Oh well, it was an incredible day for hiking.  Crisp blue sky, dancing clouds, good friends, and we could not have asked for better weather.


McAfee’s Knob is the most photographed spot on the Appalachian Trail.  Today, I got to introduce it to two newbies (and one who hadn’t been there for many years).


Yup, that’s the money shot.

October is a tough month for some dear friends of mine.  Two years ago they lost their youngest son to a sudden illness.  I usually wear his remembrance bracelet when I am hiking.  The bracelet says “be outrageous, be strong, be you.”  I especially think of Sawyer when I’m on a high cliff or crossing a difficult creek.  He was a fearless, spirited young boy who left this world way to soon.  This one is for you my young friend.




On the way down, we encountered a little guy that I really didn’t want to share the trail with. . .


But since there were 4 of us and only one of him, I think we could have taken him if necessary.


All around great day, thanks to my warriors for joining me on this really fun hike!

19 thoughts on “Learning to Share

  1. I love that shot of your group on the outcropping! We have a rock like that in our back country called the Potato Chip Rock. I still haven’t made it there but I understand there is usually a line for pictures. The snake is a cutie… so green! Great post!


  2. The bracelet sounds like a lovely way to remember someone. Looks like you enjoyed the hike, despite having other people around. Sometimes I think Ive picked the perfect quiet time for a hike but the carpark is busy when I arrive…I still end up having a good time though 😀


  3. Ha! You guys weren’t doing a race, just enjoying the hike and the view and those two oldies just happened to puff past ………. I learned about Sawyer when Laurie was here, she wore her bracelet everywhere and was careful to get photos that included him in the most beautiful of places. It is a wonderful way to keep a loved one close!

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  4. Wonderful, Karen! Sorry for the loss of your young friend. Good that your memories of him continue to inspire you. Is there a better legacy that one can leave? I don’t think so. Rock on my friend!


  5. A picture perfect day!

    This time of year is the best for hiking and I haven’t been out in weeks. This post is making me feel itchy to get out there!! I would have to go a long way to get gorgeous vistas like this one though.


  6. Oh boy. That money shot made my knees wobble. You’re a brave group. It’s gorgeous, though, so I fully understand why you ventured out for the shot. I’ve seen so many shots of Sawyer’s bracelet. It’s lovely the way you all embrace his spirit and support his family in grief. What a profound loss.

    I’m happy you’re enjoying hiking, blogging and retirement in general. Way to go.


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