From Fungi to Webs

Last week I was all about the funky fungi.  Today’s hike in the mist of the foggy morning, was filled with the most striking spider webs.  I could not resist stopping, to try and capture their images to share with you.




On a part of the Appalachian Trail that offered no mountain view, it was fun to just enjoy the trail and the natural surroundings.



An annual Father/Daughter camping trip between JG and our one and only, was moved to a cabin due to the weather, so I got to join in for part of the trip.  (I don’t camp, but I do cabin.)  They had their bonding time on Friday, hiked all day Saturday and I joined them Saturday night and got to do a small hike with them this morning.  It was so fun to be in the woods with these two.


Looks like hiking in rain/drizzle/fog/mist, is becoming a regular thing.  No problem!


13 thoughts on “From Fungi to Webs

    1. Thanks Pauline, we have an upcoming weekend planned with Lori and her husband to explore the AT near the Virginia/Tennessee border. Looking forward to that, except those kids walk a whole lot faster than we do. Aren’t those webs fascinating?


  1. Love it when spiderwebs are made more visible by dew or mist! So gorgeous. (Also because they are easier to avoid walking into…hehehe!) Beautiful photos, Karen. Especially of the fam. Thanks for this post!


  2. Those are some impressive spider webs. We’re you relieved to see that no-one was home? I love that your husband and daughter have a camping weekend tradition. That is so special. My dad passed when I was 9 years old. These sorts of things make me a bit wistful. I’m so glad you got to join in for a bit.


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