Isn’t Nature Wonderful

I always say I’m not a nature person, but today I discovered so many beautiful things as we were hiking along that I just had to keep stopping to take pictures.


The way the sun beam was shining on the damp leaves,


and catching the spider webs.


Or the macaroni looking fungus,


and the early onset of fall colors.

We had a lovely 5 1/2 hours in the Forest without meeting a single soul.Β  I wonder if that had something to do with the fact that we had thundershowers?



We had some heavy rains already this week, so the dam was flowing, creek crossings were challenging, but the view was still awesome.


We were about a third of the way down when the rain came.Β  This time we were prepared. After getting caught in the rain last week, we purchased some rain ponchos and got to break them in today.


By the way, check out those fungi!!!


Incredible, right?

Once we made it back to the car and changed into dry clothes, the sun came out.Β  So we decided to drive across the river to get a view of where we had just been.


Yes, we were on the top of that mountain, right under the power line.

Here’s how I have changed since I started hiking:

  • I now appreciate nature (not the bugs, but definitely the plants)
  • I’m no longer afraid of heights (I still have great respect for them though)
  • I am no longer hesitant crossing creeks
  • After a long challenging hike, I start thinking about doing it again

And last, but far from least:

I’ve found something that JG and I both love to do, and what a great way to spend our time together!!


Makes you all want to visit Southwest Virginia, doesn’t it?

21 thoughts on “Isn’t Nature Wonderful

  1. Yes it does! πŸ™‚ It is so lovely there, I think I say this every post right? The fungi are amazing – I have never seen your macaroni one before. I love seeing them, I love the way they pop up overnight all fresh and magical looking and I even like seeing them as they slowly shrivel and droop and fade away. .Then one morning we’ll pass by where they were and there is no sign they were ever there. I’m glad to hear of the changes you have noticed, isn’t that a wonderful thing that we can get braver no matter where we are in life! Never too late, I take heart from that πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Pauline, would love to have you along to help identify plants. Fungi are also fascinating in that they only come above ground when they want to spread their spores, so even though they disappear after a time, new ones will be back. I find fungi and moss some of the most beautiful forms of nature.
      I guess we can throw out that saying “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” just proved that wrong.

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  2. Yes, it does! I really appreciated a bit of nature in this post after spending a weekend in another city with people who don’t really ‘get’ the outdoors. Oh, they like to sit in their backyards under an umbrella with a drink – that’s their idea of the great outdoors … but not sweating their way through a forest trail.

    {Sigh} I can almost smell the clean mountain air!!


  3. What a happy post. I smiled all the way through. Isn’t it wonderful to discover new things as we age, ways to surprise ourselves with things we love? I’m glad you are enjoying this time together.

    The fungi are amazing and so are those trails. Good planning on the rain poncho, too. It makes me long for the rain. Great post1


      1. We’re on a red-flag warning today as temperatures have spiked again, with low humidity. Many of the large fires from earlier in the summer are at least contained or partially contained. We still have another eight weeks before any measurable rainfall, so fingers crossed. Thank you for asking. I’m glad Florence took a turn and missed your beautiful state, but my what a brutal storm. The woman that manages my website moved to New Bern, SC three months ago, and her apartment has now been condemned. What terrible luck.

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  4. Loved it! Sorry we couldn’t join you 😦
    But we did have a good time with Wendy and Charlie, and we got caught in the downpour while we were tubing.


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