What’s in a Number?

When my mother turned 50, I thought she was old.  But she surprised us all by taking swim lessons at the local “Y.”  Her and my dad frequently went fishing, and he was afraid that if she fell in the river, she would not be able to save herself.  So she took swim lessons – at 50.  It impressed me.

My hiking buddies impress me too.  These two ladies will jump at every opportunity to go hiking.  They are both in their early 70’s.


After a long hiatus, mostly due to my busy schedule and the weather, we finally got to go out on this beautiful fall day and hike to Bald Knob at Mountain Lake.  The trail up is short but very steep.  We go slow, we rest, but they always make it to the top and are so thrilled when we get there.  We celebrate by making crazy poses.



These two are fearless and fierce.  So what’s in a number?  It doesn’t seem to matter, as long as you stay active and young at heart.

This blog is dedicated to my hiking youngsters – Peggy Sue and Joanne!


10 thoughts on “What’s in a Number?

  1. My husband and I just finished hiking 700 kms of the Camino Trail to celebrate his 70th birthday On the trail, we got to know several hikers who were much (much) younger who said that they couldn’t keep up with him! I agree that the ‘number’ doesn’t matter. It’s staying fit and active that counts.


  2. Being young at heart and maintaining a can-do attitude makes all the difference in the world. Whether they realize or not, Peggy Sue and Joanne are role models of what the 70s could be and should be.
    Kudos to both of them!


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