A Lovely Distraction

A week from now it will be over, but I know it is going to be an amazing weekend watching my only child get married.  Today, I surrounded myself with good friends for a much needed distraction and to help me celebrate the week before the big day.

It started with a hike (surprise, surprise) to a place I had not been before, Carvin’s Cove.


Hiking with the wedding photographer guaranteed a couple of good pictures!


We got an early start and the weather was perfect.  Did not see any bears even though there had been a 500 pound black bear in the parking lot last weekend.  A bear that was not afraid of people.  As we arrived we were told that we had just missed seeing the bear by about 30 minutes.  We were fascinated by this until we heard the same story upon our return and realized they were feeding this line to everyone.

The first point of interest (according to the information desk) was a tunnel.  We had no idea what to expect from this tunnel – would we walk through it?  How long was it?  Well, it was slightly underwhelming. . .



We were also looking for an illusive School House that never appeared – even though it was clearly marked on the map and we were on the “School House Trail.”  Thanks to some mountain bikers, we learned it is not really there anymore.  If they hadn’t come along, we might still be looking for that structure.

No worries, it was still so beautiful walking along the lake.


And how fun to be hiking with friends.  I think we logged about 8 miles.


With hubby visiting our daughter for Father’s Day Weekend, I really needed a distraction.  The hike was a good way to fill my day, and these lovely ladies showed up to help me enjoy a relaxing evening on my porch.


Going to be an eventful week – I think I’m ready for it now.  Thanks dear friends.




13 thoughts on “A Lovely Distraction

  1. Being out in nature is a perfect way to find calm … unless of course you should find yourself being chased by a bear 😉 Glad it turned out to be just a yarn. Bear encounters are not fun!

    Best wishes for the wedding this weekend. Hope the day turns out perfectly!


  2. The wedding must be this weekend. I’m so excited for you and your family, new and newly acquired. I’m glad you could spend time with your gal pals, doing something you love. Exercise and time in nature, coupled with friendship sounds like the perfect ingredients to calm the expected nerves. I can’t wait to hear about the special day.


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