Over Half Way To Goal

I have great respect for long distance runners and long trail hikers.  Maybe if I had discovered hiking in my youth (instead of at the ripe old age of 59) I would have tried hiking the Appalachian Trail.  But as it is, I’m grateful for every hike and every walk through the woods, especially considering that just a few years ago I had trouble walking to my car.

I set a goal for the summer of walking all of the New River Trail – 57 miles of abandoned railroad – in sections.  Today we crossed the halfway mark and made it to mile marker 31!

We did 6.7 miles today and 6.7 miles on Saturday – each trip taking just at 2 hours. Today’s hike was a little more scenic – Ivanhoe to the Shot Tower.



31 down – 26 to go, can’t wait!


8 thoughts on “Over Half Way To Goal

  1. Good for you!! But what a fanatstic hike!!! Do you find it harder to hike in the summer? I always start very early and try and beat the heat…but I am always a very happy girl once fall comes back ;o) Look forward to your next post, Johanna


    1. We do try to get an early start. Saturday was muggy and we had lots of bugs to deal with, but yesterday was clear and warm and no problems. I do prefer fall and winter hiking, but you can’t beat the beauty of summer! Thanks for reading.


  2. The half way mark in any endurance activity is always cause for celebration. I would have had a cold adult beverage waiting 😉
    It looks like a lovely hiking trail – complete with tunnel. Hitting the chill of a stone tunnel on hot summer’s day is always welcome!


    1. I’m a little claustrophobic, so tunnels don’t thrill me, but it was nice and cool in there. My cold beverage turned out to be a milkshake that really hit the spot. The adult beverage was enjoyed after a shower and a rest.

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