Backroads, BlueGrass & Strawberries

There are many people out there who think Southwest Virginia ends at Bristol (where I 81 takes you into Tennessee).  Followers of The Crooked Road, know better.  This week we set out to see where the crooked road would take us and we were not disappointed.  Cruising on Route 58, listening to Bluegrass Junction on Sirius XM on our way to our cabin rental in the mountains, we stopped on the side of the road and bought a bucket of fresh strawberries.  Life doesn’t get any better than that.


The best thing about being retired, is that you can go places during the week, before the holiday weekend and not have to fight crowds.  We were the only people staying in the cabins this week – although they were completely booked for the weekend ahead.  Appalachian Mountain Cabins – highly recommend them if you are in the area.


The cabins are located just outside Natural Tunnel State Park, which is near Duffield, VA

We spent the first day hiking all over the state park – from Lover’s Leap, to the Tunnel Hike and just hiking through the woods down by the stream, it was all beautiful!  And we did not meet other hikers until we were almost done for the day.


A beautiful park, but the next day we went to Cumberland Gap – the truer end of the state where three states meet.

The crooked road was not as crooked but the scenery was stunning.  We spent the day at the National Park – hiking and taking pictures.




An amazing 3 night get-away,  always a wonderful adventure with my favorite hiking buddy.






4 thoughts on “Backroads, BlueGrass & Strawberries

  1. Oh how fun! We definitely need to talk more about this trip, Karen. Cumberland Gap is such a great place and i’ve wanted to go back. Now I know where to stay!! 🙂


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