Winter Blues Destroyed

First came the snow, then the rain, then the wind. Even though that is just typical winter weather, it also brought the winter blues.  It’s not that I don’t like snow and it’s not like I don’t appreciate the rain (the wind I could do without), it’s just that winter weather keeps me from hiking.

Last Tuesday I invited my newly formed hiking club to join me at a local pizza place so we could get acquainted (not everyone had met) and enjoy some live music. It was fun getting together and dreaming about warmer days.



Don’t they look like a fun group!

We knew it was too wet to hike in the woods, but we made tentative plans to walk a local paved trail, just to keep in shape.  Unfortunately, the wind and the low temps made us cancel even that outing.  That was Friday.

What a pleasant surprise to wake up Sunday morning not only to sunshine and warmer temps, but a fairly dry day which allowed for a wonderful hike with hubby.

It started with a delightful Sunday brunch with some of my favorite women.  The conversation turned to hiking and one person mentioned she had been to Reed Mountain in Roanoke last weekend and had a lovely hike that offered a pretty good view of the city.  As soon as I got home, I googled the area and showed my husband.  He looked it over, figured out how to get there, and said “let’s go!”  And we did.

Reed Mountain




It was about 4 miles round trip – a little steep at times and quite a few steps that made my knees scream a little.  But definitely worth the effort and what a great way to start the week.  Since it was one of the first good hiking days, the trails were filled with families and their dogs. How fun to see everyone out enjoying the fabulous weather!

7 thoughts on “Winter Blues Destroyed

  1. Even though I think I’ve seen it before, I love that third photo down, the one with the light shining, almost glowing, through your hair 🙂


  2. Look at all those ladies in your new club! Bravo! I can see our little dynamo in there too 😀 You Virginians sure know how to keep the local restaurants in business. I’m amazed at how often they turn up in Posts, usually there’s a glass of alcohol in the scene too. HA. I love having breakfast out the most. Dining out is limited to 4 or 5 local places since I’m a vegetarian and not all places have something I would order. Salads get boring, besides, I can make a great one at home.
    Hold the phone, this post is about hiking, LOL. How’d I get so sidetracked? I seem to think about food more than hiking…hence my problem, GAH.


  3. You just made me extremely hungry! Interesting how those little alcohol bottles always photobomb our pictures (lol). I could be a vegetarian as long as I could still have bacon. Thanks for reading.


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