Hiking Surprised Me

I used to avoid the outdoors at all costs.  I don’t like bugs and crawly things and was not too crazy about walking in the woods.  Also, having knee issues, I doubted that I could actually climb mountains.  When I had my 59th birthday, I decided to try something new. First I had to lose some weight to take pressure off my knee and then I was motivated to try hiking after looking at pictures of my husband and daughter on top of McAfee’s Knob – probably the most photographed spot on the Appalachian Trail.

That first hike hurt.  My entire body was exhausted after the almost 8 mile adventure. But the feeling I got when I finally dragged myself to the top of that mountain was worth the pain.  I did it!


McAfee’s Knob


It was amazing!  Since then, I have become a regular hiker and I love every new adventure.

23 thoughts on “Hiking Surprised Me

  1. Excellent! And by that I mean, excellent that you are challenging yourself, hiking, and enjoying life to the fullest! I also mean, excellent you have become a WP Blogger. Welcome to WordPress!

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    1. Welcome to the world of blogging, Karen. We met at Laurie’s almost a year ago now for a brief, but exciting evening. You look tan and fit at the top of the peak, though I must admit I got weak in the knees seeing you so close to the edge.

      I’ll be following your adventures via BlogLovin. Alys


      1. Thanks Alys, that was a fun night and meeting all of you inspired me to think about starting my own blog, just took me a while. The edge looks more dangerous in pictures than it is in reality.


      2. I’m glad to hear that the edge is less dangerous than it looks.

        It takes time to start a blog so it’s probably good that you waited till you were ready. We’re a fun bunch. I know you’re going to have a good time “here.” The blogging world really does feel like a place.


  2. My story is much the same as your’s. After 5 years of nagging, I finally agreed to hike Bruce Trail the with my friend Helen – a 900 km end to end adventure in Southern Ontario. It quite literally changed my life and I’m now a devoted hiker. I love the peacefulness and beauty of forest trails. It’s almost an addiction now 🙂

    We’ve often talked about the Appalachian Trail – perhaps someday 🙂
    Looking forward to your stories and adventures.

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  3. Hi Karen, Laurie lead me to your blog! I started 25 years ago with hiking, and I too was amazed what it brings for body, mind and spirit! It has brought to the most beautiful places ( and still many more to go) Your first post is very promising and I look forward to more!! Welcome to the blog world! Cheers, Johanna

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  4. Hi there Karen! We met briefly last April at Laurie’s, that trip was so much fun and we were all so impressed with how many of her friends made it to the house that afternoon!!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I’m very admiring of your hiking ability – I still stick to walking and about an hour and a half does me and my puppy nicely 🙂 But I shall look forward to hearing more of your hiking adventures and seeing you perched atop many mountainous looking regions 🙂

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  5. Hello Karen, I am yet another friend of Laurie’s. My hiking is a bit different, mostly following the twists and turns of a nearby river, via the shade of area woodlands. I am a forager of wild edibles and wildlife photographer… well, just a novice. 🙂 I look forward to reading about your adventures! Welcome to WordPress.

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  6. Hi Karen! I remember you well from LB’s ‘Meet the Bloggers Night’. LOL, it’s funny when I type the words but a real beautiful thing that all you girls support each other and came over to our little party.

    How exciting to succeed at your goals Karen! Awesome Blossom! Someone once said to me, during a particularly difficult time, “It’s a long climb, but wait till you see the view from the top”. It’s so true in life and especially in your situation. I may not be able to stand up there, but I might crawl out for the photo op. It looks like one of the ledges that falls off in one of those “Roadrunner” cartoons. Where Wylie Coyote has some crazy ACME contraption set up.

    Another win is the time you’ll get to spend as a family being fit, that’s really wonderful! See you next time. xB


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